Sunday, January 21, 2017

Today is the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time. In today’s Gospel Jesus calls the fishermen to be “fishers of men.” James, John, Andrew and Simon Peter drop everything and follow him. How are you following Jesus?

On the Way to Mass...Do you know a song about Jesus and the fishermen? Sing it.Talk about what it would be like if Jesus walked up to you and said drop everything and follow me.

At Mass...Use the coloring sheet and Mass quiz to help you pay attention. Listen to the first reading. God called Jonah to do a special job. Jonah didn’t go right away. This reading is the second part of the story. Do you know the first part? In the Gospel Jesus calls the fishermen to follow him. Look around the church at all the people who are following him today.

After Mass...There is a window of Peter in the church. Can you find it? Take a picture by it.

On the Way Home & the rest of the Week...Jesus is calling us to follow him. We are called to help bring other people to Jesus by our words and actions. Talk about how you can be “fishers of men” this week.

  • Extra Credit...
  • Mass Quiz
  • Coloring Sheet
  • Picture Peter's Window