Sunday, FEBRUARY 12, 2017

Today, we celebrate the Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time. We read from Matthew 5:17-37. In this week’s Gospel, Jesus taught his disciples some very important lessons about how to behave. Over the centuries, the Church has passed along to us the things he taught them. These teachings give us a firm foundation for the way we ourselves are called to live. Jesus taught his disciples to care for those around them, to be true to their relationships, and to be honest in all things. We too learn from this Gospel passage about the way in which we live our lives as Christians.

On the Way to Mass...Sing “His Banner Over Me is Love” or “They’ll Know We are Christians.”

At Mass...There are many things that we say, do, and hear at Mass that teach us how God wants us to behave. Listen for these. At the beginning the priest asks us to think of the ways we have failed to live as God wants us to live and ask for God’s mercy. Later, the priest asks us to show a sign of peace to one another. Go out of your way to show peace to someone you don’t know.

After Mass...Be sure to greet the priest as you leave. This is your chance to give him a sign of peace.

On the Way Home...Talk about the ways we can live the way God wants us to live. What things can we do?

Extra Credit...Coloring Sheet, Mass Quiz, Mass Crossword.

SPECIAL I SPY - BONUS POINTS...Watch what the priest does at the Altar when he first goes up. Watch for the different hand gestures that he makes. Does he do certain ones at certain times? Do you think they mean something? Let me know what you think!