Sunday, SEPTEMBER 17, 2017

Today, we celebrate the 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Our gospel reading is from Matthew and is the story of Jesus teaching about forgiveness. We are to forgive others the way God forgives us. We are also taught to ask for forgiveness when we have done something we know is wrong.

On the Way to Mass...Pray the Our Father together.

At Mass...Use your coloring sheet and/or Mass quiz to help you pay attention. At the beginning of Mass we ask God for forgiveness and mercy. There are different options or choices the priest can use. What one is used today? We pray a prayer before communion, asking for forgiveness and saying we will offer it to others. Do you know this prayer? (Hint: I have already mentioned it!)

After Mass...Can you find a picture or symbol that shows us just how much God loves us that he would do this so we can be forgiven?

On the Way Home...Try to answer all my questions and pray another Our Father.

Extra Credit...1) Mass Quiz, 2) Coloring Page, 3) Answer to my questions, 4) Picture you found after Mass.