Sunday, November 12, 2017

In the Gospel today, on this Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, Jesus uses a parable (a story) to teach his followers that we must always be ready! When Jesus walked the earth there was no electricity so people used lamps filled with oil. In this story some young women who are like bridesmaids got ready for the darkness by making sure they had enough oil for their lamps. Some others, however, were not prepared so they had to go find more oil. This caused them to miss the arrival of the bridegroom and were locked out of the wedding feast. Jesus is telling us that we must always be ready for his coming and for heaven. In the story He is the bridegroom and we are all the bridesmaids. We want to be sure to be the ones who were ready for Him!

On the Way to Mass...Take a few minutes to think about what you do when you get ready to go on a trip as a family. Now, think about going to heaven! Make a list of things you can do as a Christian to make yourself ready to meet Jesus! It can be as simple as praying or showing an act of kindness, like giving to your local food pantry!

At Mass...Use your coloring page and Mass quiz to help you pay attention. Listening, praying, and singing are ways we prepare ourselves for heaven. Prepare!

After Mass...Take a selfie with all the other singers in the choir loft!

On the Way Home & the Rest of the Week...As Catholics, we have many tools to help prepare us for heaven! The sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation are two very important ones available to us everyday! Praying the Rosary is another wonderful way to make time for Jesus! Talk more about how you will prepare for Jesus. Praying as a family is a very good way! This weekend we celebrated Veterans’ Day. Remember to place your soldier somewhere special and say a prayer for all who serve our country!

Extra Credit: Coloring Page, Mass Quiz, Picture of your family praying together