SUNDAY, MARCH 31, 2019

Today is the Fourth Sunday of Lent. Today we will hear the story of “The Prodigal Son” from Luke’s Gospel. Tax collectors and sinners were gathered with others to hear Jesus speak. This caused the scribes and Pharisees (holy men in Jesus’ time) to complain. They didn’t understand why he would eat and speak with sinners. So Jesus told them this parable to show how unconditional God’s love is. Jesus came to be with everyone!

On Your Way to Mass...Do you know the song, “I Just Wanna Be a Sheep?” This song helps us understand the kind of people Jesus wants us to be, sharing and loving others. Can everyone think of something you did this week that helped someone?

At Mass...Look at what the priest is wearing today. Is it a different color? Listen to the readings. Sing the songs and respond to the prayers. The Mass is one big prayer. Take a good look at all the statues and mosaics. You won’t see them next weekend!

After Mass...Find someone to help at Mass. Then take a picture by a statue or mosaic. Next week take another picture by the same one!

On the Way Home...Talk about your Lenten promises. We are halfway through Lent. How are you doing? In the story of the Prodigal Son, the father explains that his son was lost and has returned. When we turn away from God it is like we are lost or have lost our way. What do you do when you are sorry and want to make up for something you have done wrong? Lent is about taking the time to think about how we can turn back to God and do better so we can be closer to him. Sing your favorite Lenten song.

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