SUNDAY, MARCH 17, 2019

The Gospel on this Second Sunday of Lent is from Luke and is the story of the Transfiguration of Jesus. Many times in the Gospels we hear of Jesus looking for a place to pray to his Heavenly Father. Sometimes he goes up the mountains or out in a boat to escape the crowds and find some solitude. On this day his disciples follow him up a mountain and fall asleep. When they awake they see Jesus in his glory - clothed in a dazzling light and accompanied by two others. They are astonished when they realize that the two men with Jesus are prophets from the Old Testament - Moses and Elijah! The two prophets disappear and the disciples hear a voice telling them "This is my chosen Son, Listen to Him!" Surely any doubts they may have had are now gone and they know for certain that Jesus is the promised one, our Lord and Savior!

On the Way to Mass...Talk about what it must have been like for those followers who saw Jesus talking to someone that they only read about it scripture. Do you ever want to go off alone so you can pray? Where is your favorite place to pray?

At Mass...Listen to the readings. The first reading seems a little strange. Listen and respond to the prayers. Join in the songs. We aren’t at Mass to just watch but to actively participate. During Lent some of our songs are in another language. Did you sing along? Did you notice anything different when it was time for the bells?

After Mass...Did you wear a “wee” bit of green today in honor of St. Patrick’s Day? Are there alot of people wearing green? Take a minute and go find the window of St. Patrick.

On the Way Home & Rest of the Week...One of the pillars of lent is prayer. This week make a point to set aside ten minutes a day to sit without distraction and pray. You can start by saying an Our Father or you can close your eyes and just speak from your heart. When you make the Sign of the Cross think about how St. Patrick used the shamrock to teach people about the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit; three persons in one God.

  • Extra Credit...
  • - Mass Quiz
  • - Coloring Sheets
  • - Picture of you in green by St. Patrick’s window