This is the 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time. Jesus tells a story about how he saw rich people donating a lot of their money then he saw a very poor women give what little she had to help others. Jesus told his disciples that the poor women gave the most because it was more of a sacrifice for her to give. She didn’t give what she had extra but from the little she had.

On the Way to Mass...Discuss how your family gives to help others. When you do does it make you feel good? Do you feel closer to God?

At Mass...Use the Mass quiz and coloring sheet to help you pay attention. Listen to the readings and the songs. Look around at all the people. Another way we help others is by our prayers. Do you see the Book of the Dead?

After Mass...Go to the Book of the Dead and have your parents read the names. After each name pray Rest in Peace.

On the Way Home and the Rest of the Week...Talk about how your family supports your church. What kinds of time, talent and treasure do you share? Remember, it doesn’t have to be money that you give. We can give our time to help a friend in need, our kindness to someone who may be lonely or our prayers for a special person.

  • Extra Credit...
  • Coloring Page
  • Mass Quiz
  • A picture of you praying by the Book of the Dead