Board of Education


The St. Mary School board of education consists of members ranging from active parishioners to non-Catholic families. The board members listen and discuss current progress, provide concerns and insight to school activities, and vote towards resolutions regarding policy changes that school leadership will decide.

voting members

  • Heather Eyer, President
  • Lori Parks, Vice-President
  • Beth Brotherton, Secretary
  • Jared Goodman
  • Michelle Beaman
  • Jennifer Wayman
  • Bonnie Fleming
  • Misty Marucco
  • Seth Garren

non-voting members

  • Jill Chlebus, Non-parishioner
  • Doug Bowsher, Athletic Director
  • Megan Curtin, Booster Club
  • Msgr. David Lantz, Pastor
  • Fr. Mariadas Chatla, Parochial Vicar
  • Cathy Robertson, Principal
  • Carole Harrison, Dir. of Religious Education